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Theme wall decoration
Tonghui International Bar Street, Beijing
Project Name:Tonghui International Bar Street, Beijing
Project size:18,000 m2
Item Description:The inspiration of designing Tonghui Town is from modern European design style, using wood imitating craft, taking the goal of respecting nature, pursuing truth and reviving ancient art form, which has formed a solemn, elegant and beautiful image. All the time, European culture has been liked and pursued by people for its open, innovative design concept and exalted appearance. The wood imitating craft of the town is just following profound European culture, from simple to complex, from the whole to every single part, for the great care for every part and every step, giving us punctilious impression. Every part of the wood imitation, such as eave, balcony, planter, girder and corner post, has been fully performed. 

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